Add to Your Faith...

“ all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love.”

‭‭II Peter‬ ‭1:5-7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Best place ever to watch fireworks! This Independence Day we could see 13 different towns' fireworks at the same time. And no traffic to fight on the way home. 

Roadschool - Automotives

Roadschooling Today... 

Philip has been helping out at an auto shop. Today he dismantled a transmission. He is learning so much and enjoying coming home covered in grease! 

Road Schooling Today

Our friends at Wagonmaster RV Park and Alpaca Farm recently started a Project Wild Homeschool Program.  Today we enjoyed the afternoon at Ray Roberts Lake Park identifying and casting animal tracks. 

Out of Hibernation

It looks like this blog fell asleep in October.  To our followers- note we are still alive as ever, still enjoying the journey and plan to have some great highlights of the past few months here very soon. 

Snapshots of New England August-October 2015

Plymouth, MA, Plymouth Plantation, Mayflower II, Founding Father's Monument

Weekly trips to the best library in the country! Mattapoissett, MA. 

Lots of fun and movie making with friends.

Music Ministry at area churches

Outdoor science experiments at the Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, MA

John F. Kennedy Library in Dorchester, Ma, One of the most famous dresses worn by Jackie, Piece of the Berlin Wall

Whaling Museum and Visitor Center in New Bedford, MA.  This is the pulpit at the Seaman's Bethel- Church for Seamen and the swearing in of Jr. Rangers at Whaling Visitor Center

Apple Picking

Cranberry Harvest

Day at Scusset Beach...Topped off with the release of rehabilitated seals

Dutch oven cooking in the fire.. yum!

Cape Cod railroad bridge and the Sagamore Bridge at sunset

Sports:  Iowa Hawkeye and Patriot fan at Gillette stadium, Pickle Ball and Tennis lessons at the Campground

Young business lady selling her handmade wares.. and did quite well and knitting with our new friend Debbie

Setting up our home extension... a special gift from our special friends Pat and Carol

Bringing musical joy to the precious folks at Sippican Rehab
Center (ConnectLives)

Fort Phoenix and a live scallop we enjoyed watching

Cape Cod National Sea Shore

Trip into Boston...Riding the Subway, Trinity Church, Capitol Building on Beacon Hill, In the Public Gardens we found the little ducks from a favorite book "Make Way for the Ducklings"

More of Maine

Geocaching on the coast 

Sketching in Nature Journal

Beach Day! Aunt Katherine comes to visit. 

Fun times with the Abdi kids

When in Rome...

We usually try to make sure we at least have a taste of each region we are in.  With a large family and tight budget, we often just get a couple of something to split.  With just a bite or two, somehow it's more appreciated.  

This sweet lady is a bird expert at Laudholm Wildlife Refuge.  We joined her for a bird banding demonstration and learned a lot about wildlife in an estuary (where fresh water meets saltwater) 

Listening to a bird's heartbeat. 

More beach time with friends that travel fulltime like we do. 

Back in Maine

We like to say we have many homes around the country.  Well, technically we bring our home with us, but there are many places that are dear to our hearts, and Maine is certainly one of those places. 

Before children and during our days living in Boston, James and I used to spend weekends in Maine.  Since we've been traveling we've made great friends as well as memories there.  

This years trip happened to coincide with blueberry season.  Carissa noticed a few in our campsite and the more we looked around the more bushes we found.  At least a quart a days worth.  It's so fun ... the ways God blesses us! 

The boys enjoyed the stream of young frogs running through our campsite too.  Here they take a break from frog play to eat their hot dogs.... Frogs and Dogs.. Since I wouldn't let them eat with frog hands they had to contain them for a bit in the fire ring in order to eat. 

One of our favorite short day trips ... Nubble light house..

A misty evening on the beach ...

Plymouth, MA

Once again, we've met some fantastic families on our journey.... Families that RV fulltime like we do.  Yesterday we enjoyed a day together at Plymouth.  

The view of the infamous "rock".  

Replica of the Mayflower 

Wait a minute... Could this be the real one?