Our Alabama Song

Today, as we traveled through Alabama we kept seeing this same sign over and over. It became an inspiration for an Alabama song. To all our sweet friends in sweet Home...

Attorney in the Law (to the tune of Turkey in the Straw)

Verse 1:

If you ever travel Bama there's a man you're sure to meet

You will only see his head and you'll never see his feet 

You can't really miss him cuz he has a big smile

And you can even wave at him at every single mile

Verse 2: 

He would like to be your friend if you're hurting in the neck

But he'll give you lots of trouble if you've caused a wreck 

He is puttin up ads like there's no tomorra

He's Attorney in the Law Alexander Shunarrah


Attorney in the Law (echo)

Attorney in the Law (echo) 

He's your best friend now or your worst tomorra

He's Attorney in the Law Alexander Shunarra