Back in Maine

We like to say we have many homes around the country.  Well, technically we bring our home with us, but there are many places that are dear to our hearts, and Maine is certainly one of those places. 

Before children and during our days living in Boston, James and I used to spend weekends in Maine.  Since we've been traveling we've made great friends as well as memories there.  

This years trip happened to coincide with blueberry season.  Carissa noticed a few in our campsite and the more we looked around the more bushes we found.  At least a quart a days worth.  It's so fun ... the ways God blesses us! 

The boys enjoyed the stream of young frogs running through our campsite too.  Here they take a break from frog play to eat their hot dogs.... Frogs and Dogs.. Since I wouldn't let them eat with frog hands they had to contain them for a bit in the fire ring in order to eat. 

One of our favorite short day trips ... Nubble light house..

A misty evening on the beach ...