A Look Back---Reflections on Stuff

Most would find it a challenge packing for 8 people going on vacation for a week.  It often will take us several hours to prepare for a day-long family outing!

As we found, it takes an ENORMOUS amount of thought, organization  and CREATIVITY to pack everything needed for living life on the road.  And may I add...fitting it all into about 250 square feet of living space? Cooking gear and food, clothes (not too much, not too little), music gear (trumpets, guitar, portable piano), business/office needs, recreation, medicine chest, bedding and home school (now road school) books for 6 different levels.  How did we do it?  Still tweaking that one and will be for awhile I imagine. 

Going from this...

To this...

Sorting stuff. Weeding out stuff. 

Giving away stuff. Storing our stuff. 

Selling stuff! Packing up stuff!

AHHH... enjoying to freedom of LESS STUFF and more time! 

This is what went in to the RV for our first leg of the adventure...or at least some of what we put in!!!

Since our initial journey we have had another opportunity to downsize and have reduced our posessions by about 75% from a year ago.  What a freeing feeling.  Too much "stuff" leads to unnecessary weight and burden.